About me

I specialize in explaining the arcana of science and technology. I turn corporate jargon into lucid prose, find the business case behind marketspeak, and uncover the connections between business, technology and culture.

I’m a highly experienced journalist, business writer and author with a focus on technology and science. My freelance articles have appeared in Scientific American, MIT Technology Review Online, WebMD and AMEX OpenForum. I report on digital media for ClickZ and Portada, and cover connected-car tech for Telematics Update. I’ve done brand journalism for SAP, SunGard, Workspot and Adecco, and written brand content for Microsoft, Revinate and PowerbyProxi.

I’ve been a senior writer at Adweek and Business 2.0, covering online marketing and media, and I was a founding editor of M-Business, a magazine about the mobile industry. I’m the author of Going Mobile: Building the Real-Time Enterprise with Mobile Applications that Work (CMP 2003); The Chemistry of Connection: How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy and Love (New Harbinger 2009); and Oxytocin Parenting: From the Womb Through the Terrible Twos (e-book).

My specialties include: digital media; digital advertising; ecommerce; mobile media; mobile advertising; m-commerce; social media analytics and best practices for businesses; content strategy; content marketing; and neuroscience.

Reach me at susan@kuchinskas.com or by phone at 510-644-2612.

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